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A brand new documentary series on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Distributed Ledger Technology as known as blockchain is undoubtedly one of the technologies that is going to change our world similar to what the internet has done in the previous era. When blockchain couples with economics, it creates a new financial system that has never seen before. The rise of bitcoin followed by other crypto currencies has provided a completely new way of transacting. Whilst central banks hate it, some institutions strongly endorse it. For that reason it is raising a lot of eyebrows and threatening the stability of the existing financial system.

Ever since bitcoin was created, scams, illegal activities and high volatility have been associated with cryptocurrencies. Yet the potential of blockchain technology is huge because it is efficient, transparent and immutable and it has been recognised by governments from around the world.

Defi and NFT are the hottest topics in 2021. F THE CASH? investigates how blockchain is changing our daily lives as we speak. It peeks into the lives of people from multiple facets and explores how cryptocurrency is changing our world.

— Synopsis

Introduce blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the masses through an educational and entertaining docuseries.

— Objective

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