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"The most talented, thought-provoking, game-changing people are never normal."-  Richard Branson

We create.

FIPTAINMENT is a boutique creative and marketing company in Hong Kong specialises in producing creative solutions in many forms. We create with our clients through our global network of international artists, musicians, designers, producers, videographers, directors, marketing professionals, computer scientists, entrepreneurs and investors. Our goal is to improve our client's marketing ROI using our creative solutions and extensive reach across many industries.

FIPEntertainmentLogo Black NoB

Creative Solutions

One stop creative solutions from planning to execution, online to offline.

Entertainment & Culture

We use social innovation to promote entertainment and culture in the region.

Arts & Music

We work with all types of artists and host music shows periodically in our special locations

Entrepreneurship & Technology

One of our projects is a tattoo application and we strive to promote technology and entrepreneurship.


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